CostCo Credit Card – Login, and Customer Service Information

Costco credit card

Costco Credit Card ranks among the top retailers in the world. The company is popularly referred to as Costco. Costco is a chain of discount stores that are also known as warehouse clubs and wholesale clubs. Costco was founded on the 15th of September 1983. According to market analysts, the secret of this company’s success lies in its capability to woe new members without having to spend on extensive advertising. Costco is also known for being one of the top paymasters. The company’s wages and salaries are considered to be the best in the retail industry. The Costco credit card is the result of a joint effort between Costco and Citibank. The Costco credit card is a Visa card.

Costco Credit Card Features

  • In order to qualify for a Costco credit card, the person has to be a Costo member.
  • The Costco annual membership starts at $60.
  • There is a fee chargeable on the Costco credit card.
  • The Costco credit card offers 4% cashback on gas purchases at Costco and other gas stations.
  • The 4% cashback applies only to the first $7,000 spent on gas purchases in a year back.
  • The cashback on gas purchases offered by the Costco credit card reduces to 1% beyond the first $7000 spent in a year.
  • The cashback offered on restaurants and travel purchases is 3%.
  • The card offers 2% cash back on purchases at Costco and 1% cashback on every other purchase made through the card.

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Costco Credit Card Steps to log in

  • You can either type Costco credit card in the taskbar of your browser to be guided to the login for the credit card or you can go to or
  • Enter your stipulated User ID and password.
  • Then you have to Click on ‘Sign On‘.

Costco Credit Card Contact

Phone no: 888-465-8268

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